Diminished #4

More chords from G diminished.

The second column is a diminished triad with a major 7th on top. E.g., B D F A#. the third column is a different way of writing the same thing: Bb/B – a Bb triad over a B bass note. Whatever works for you.

So, in the diminished scale there are a lot of chords, eh?

Diminished triads and sevenths on every degree of the scale, and many chords that repeat at intervals of a minor third.

Diminished #3

G diminished again…

Four notes are open strings; four notes aren’t.

G6 and Db6

E-7 and Bb-7

Tritone relationships.

Mix them up.

D and C#, E and F, B and Bb, G and Ab.

Diminished #2

Here’s a bunch of triads and extended chords that exist within the G diminished scale.

In this particular key you have all the open strings available apart from the A string. So you might think about combining the two in some way. Maybe you’d care to share a result or two here.

More tomorrow…