Talc Tour: Day 2

Err, what time is it? I’ve NO idea. Got up today at 4pm went for a run. The sight of an out of breath English man in shorts with *bright* red new trainers and pasty-white legs – jogging – yes, jogging round a district of Tokyo may have caused a few double takes; I don’t know, I was too busy trying not to collapse. Anyhow, after a short while I realised I had no idea where I was and spent the next hour trying to find my way back. A good start to the day.

On to the soundcheck. We were playing at UNIT. Ridiculously amazing sound system and very well organised gig. We were looked after by Yoshi and Katsu. Here’s Yoshi.

The gig was a blast. A great start to the tour. I guess we’ve got a couple of days off now so will have a chance to explore Tokyo a bit.

If anyone has been and has any suggestions as to what to do/see then let me know!

And if anyone know how to order vegetarian/vegan food in Japanese then *really* let me know. Vegetarian seems to mean ‘not much meat’ over here :)

Comments on Talc Tour: Day 2

  1. Hi Mike – try the Shibuya district – amazing lights etc. Are you playing the Quattro clubs? if so the one in Nagoya is at the top of a skyscraper and done up with brick cladding to look like a cellar (a la Cavern, I guess). Have a good tour.

    1. Mike Outram says:

      Hi, we’re playing the Blue Note when we’re in Nagoya but that sounds interesting. Can’t say I’ve ever done a gig at the top of a skyscraper before :) Thanks! M

  2. Stuart says:

    I asked my Japanese other half about ordering vegetarian and she seemed to think that “vegetarian please” ought to cut it!

    But I guess you’ve tried that. And if it don’t work in Tokyo it’s less likely to have the desired effect elsewhere.

    “niku” is meat (pronounced “nikoo”)
    “sakana” is fish (pronounced just as it’s written)

    “nashi” is “without”.

    So “niku nashi” and/or “sakana nashi” should do the trick (“tamago nashi” – no egg – worked for me when I was there).

    Just make sure that you give each syllable equal weight and you might be understood!

    1. Mike Outram says:

      Thanks a lot, Stuart! Tried that last night and it worked . Cheers!

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