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Hello there. My blog and my web site are in the process of being mashed together. I’m trying to figure out how to edit the CSS so I can put the pics that used to be on the old site on the pages of the new one at the top of the screen and not some pictures of a dog crapping on a lawn! Anyhow, that was, and is, taking ages so I just figured I’d just pile in change it work-in-progress style and then you, dear reader, can enjoy it – I hope.

The main thing is, I’m going to be blogging here about making my album as well as moving towards having a guitar book of some sort completed and other general stuff too like various gigs and tours I’m doing and whatever else I can think of. The album is coming on ok, recently did some recording in Holland and am thinking what to do next. One thing involves assembling and sampling cans, tins, lids, barrels and so on to make a groove out of. Hmmnnn, we’ll see about that one. Also am going to record some stuff for my guitar trio with Tassos and Chris. But first crumpets are calling…

More soon…

Comments on Web Site Mashing

  1. Mike Outram says:

    Changed the pics, just need to get them at the top of the screen and it’ll look better. Content? I could blog about CSS…

  2. jan willem says:

    Mike get of that roof and play some real music !!!
    keep up the good work !!!
    jan willem

  3. Mike Outram says:

    Jan! Roof? What roof? I’m getting the strangest comments.

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