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Charlie Parker for Guitar

This week I’ve been revisiting a Charlie Parker solo on My Little Suede Shoes. It’s¬†beautiful playing featuring his wonderfully rhythmic, flowing lines, and great fun to try to translate his phrasing, nuances & timing to the guitar.

Help me out here – every time I’ve played this tune it goes to Ab on the bridge, but the bass player on this recording sticks to F. The Db note & lines that parker plays on the bar before the bridge hint at Eb7 which could imply that move to the IV chord, and he’s playing over the form of the tune, but really, I’m not sure why there’s that obvious difference between how it is on this record and every time I’ve heard it/played it (and seen it written down) there’s no mention of that F in the bass on the bridge. Ho hum, interesting nerdy details… Don’t freak out about it or anything :)

Anyhow, opening that up to you.

If you’ve got something to say about that, lemme know about it :)

PS: Let me know if you’ve got any favourite Parker recordings too!

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