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Site Redesigned

My website has been redesigned, hope you like the new version. www.mikeoutram.com
See below for details of what’s new.

1. Link page removed

Most of the musician links are (will be!) either; linked to from the discography page of my site, lurking somewhere within these blog posts or now live at the MySpace page
www.myspace.com/theelectriccampfire. Three links didn’t fit into any of the above so let me tell you about them.

All Things Emily – This is an amazingly well put together site to remember the guitarist Emily Remler, one of my favourites. Also on the site is my transcription of Emily’s ‘Softly As In A Morning Sunrise’ solo from the ‘East To Wes’ record.

Also if you are ever in Ealing there are two very good places to visit. Gardonyi’s music shop – stockists of all things musical and Munson’s coffee shop which sells very good coffee.

Right, adverts over.

2, The Education page is now nested within the Guitar Lessons page.

3, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter? Not really. Never say never though. I’m on Facebook but it’s such a waste of time, in a bad way. Web 2.0 needs to evolve. I won’t be on Myface, Witter et al. until the human microchip is implanted and then I won’t have to make so much effort to tell you that ‘Today I’m editing my blog’. It’s probably me that has to evolve but I’m feeling more hermitic the colder it gets. We’ll see.

4, Removed the listen page. I’ll put samples of my album on the MySpace site when it is finished. Below are the two tracks that were on the listen page. A gtr and piano duo jam with Phil Peskett and a solo from a live gig with a 13 piece funk band. See if you can spot which one is which.

tune a
tune b

5, There is more but I’m stopping now to have some toast.

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