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Some nice music to listen to

My good buddy Steven ‘Billy’ Buckley has a new album out, and a damn fine album it is too. You can hear it here

It’s called The Damnation Twist and features Billy on Guitars, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Baritone Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo and Dobro, and sounds, in his words, like ‘an unhealthy brew of nasty Twang, cry-in-your-beer balladry, groovy roots and unashamedly romantic dustbowl boleros’. It’s proper sounding. Can’t stop playing it…

Also, I’ve just started back teaching at Guitar-X and am doubly happy as ALL the students are utterly fantastic and I get to play with Iain Mackenzie, Sebastiaan de Krom, Rob Statham and Adam Betts every week. Total win. Anyhow – Adam, aside from melting my mind with this Meshuggah track, has an unbelievably amazing group you should check out. They’re called Three Trapped Tigers. Here’s a video:


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