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Apr/May/Jun/Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct 07

I’m writing a column for Guitarist Magazine. Of course, this is like my dream job. The column is all about blues and jazz – in fact, it’s called ‘Blues to Jazz’. So far I’ve done 4 columns: one was a few simple chords, the next some more but with harder chords, next a solo with a clean sound and after that a distorted solo with lots of bends and some shredding. Didn’t take that long eh?


Asaf Sirkis released his new album which features myself, Steve Lodder and Asaf. It’s called ‘The Song Within’. I like it a lot.

I recorded an album with Theo Travis which should be out in October/November. It features Robert Fripp on 3 tracks. But I’m on ALL the tracks, so I win, I believe ;)

Had a few gigs with my guitar trio. It is me on guitar with Chris Allard on guitar and Tassos Spiliotopolous on guitar. I might call it ‘666’ – in reference to the three sets of six strings on our instruments and the dark lord Satan.

Did a couple of gigs with Kate Williams where we play music associated with the American guitarist Emily Remler – one of my favourites. Kate’s dad, John, is ok on guitar and he made a film of mine and Gareth Lockrane’s (flute and guitar) duo rendition of Cissy Strut – a career highlight.

Did a tour with Tim Garland’s group. It’s a great band. I get to have a raz on a really nice Steely Dan-esque piece called ‘Nacirema People’ by Tom Clarke.

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