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Inner Noise Reviews

I play in a band with Asaf Sirkis and Steve Lodder, it’s called the Inner Noise. It’s an unusual line up in that we use church organ, gtr and drums and because of this it’s a reviewer’s dream band. Here are some of the best review/quotes…

‘The Phantom of the Opera Meets The Who.’ – Pittsburgh Tribune Review

‘The drama comes in the contrast between sepulchral chill (Lodder) and the forces of light (Outram), as Sirkis splinters the rhythm into jagged counter-patterns.’

‘At their most reserved, the trio waxes bittersweet on the gorgeous ‘Miniature’ and the haunting title track with euphonious delicacy. Conversely, ‘Nothingness First Part I, Nothingness’ and ‘Hymn’ are ablaze with raucous vigor, while ‘When You Ask Why’ merges these disparate worlds, gradually increasing in intensity from supple acoustic meditation to roiling electric tempest. Responsible for the majority of the session’s most explosive statements, guitarist Mike Outram has been favorably compared to a restrained Allan Holdsworth. Tempering blistering fret-board histrionics with contemplative lyricism, his soaring, wah-wah fueled excursions transcend conventional virtuosity, transforming minor thematic variations into epic meditations.’, Troy Collins All About Jazz. – (I like Troy)

‘Asaf Sirkis seemed to play only between the beats, achieving a state of rhythmic levitation’ – Millenium Hall Review

‘The music is doom-laden and bombastic, yet strangely compelling.’ – Jazz UK

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  1. paul says:

    hi all
    check out my badly written and all too brief reviews of some inner noise albums on amazon uk. derek bailey said something like ‘the quality of the music is inversely proportional to the size of the audience’ – well this is clearly the reason why inner noise play so few gigs and why their first gig in about a year in bath a few months back was almost without and audience!. dont give up mike!

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