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Jan Feb 08

Jan/Feb 08

I’m only doing private tuition now on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 and 12.

Rebecca Hollweg released her new album (which I’m on), it’s called Orange Roses. She writes very good songs, tremendous in fact.

Recorded Harvey Brough’s ‘Requiem in Blue’ with Clare College choir (here they are) and a host of other soloists.

Check out the album here

Did a tour of the UK with Theo Travis, Roy Dodds and Pete Whittaker. Got to play almost loud. Here it is on YouTube, I do a slide solo and where I throw the slide on the ground but it smashed into tiny pieces, splintering into jagged counter-patterns if you will.

But, fear not, I carried on – tremendous professional focus.

Slide is quite hard, and I decided on this tour I would have a crack at it. If you can imagine the sound of a theremin being played by someone who’s injected toothpaste into his head then you’ve a pretty good idea of what I sound like.

In a gesture of band solidarity Roy smashed his stick.

Here’s another gig of us at the Boxford Fleece, the crowd went apoplectically mental that night.

Recorded the music for a film called ‘Broken Lines’. score written by tremendous composer/wife¬†Laura Rossi

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