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BMI my baby

Off to Holland for some gigs with monster drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen and Frans Vollink, really looking forward to these gigs. I think we’re doing a sort of CD opening night for Seb’s just-released CD ‘UTurn‘.

The album has a huge list of guests: Gary Husband, Jimmy Earl, Steve Hunt, Scott Kinsey, Gerard Presencer, Richard Hallebeek, Alex Machacek, Susan Weinert, Leonardo Amuedo, Tom Kennedy, Frans Vollink, Hardian Feraud, Johnny Copland, Gary Willis and Ruud Cornelissen. I play a guitar solo on ‘4 Hands‘ with Seb and Hadrian Feraud, You can check out some of the music here or at Seb’s site. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet but the clips all sound pretty amazing.

There’s also a chance we’ll get to do a bit of recording for my album too while we’re out there so hopefully I’ll have some video/audio stuff to post here. Either that or I’ll buy some cheese and drink lots of really strong coffee.

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