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Live in Holland

Back from Holland now and what a great trip it was. I was playing with Sebastiaan Cornellisen and Frans Vollink. Here’s a clip of the first tune from the second gig. I’m sure more will surface on YouTube soon.

While I was out there I got Seb to record some drums for my album. More about that soon after I figure out why my camera seems not to want to let me remove the video from its grasp…

4 responses to “Live in Holland”

  1. paul says:

    hi steve hope you are well. very nice playing but why no close up shots of your new hair do? inner noise recordings on their way sorry for the delay. see you soon hopefully

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Have you been sniffing glue Paul?

  3. paul says:

    hi miguel . yeah, bostic is very good (no not earl!). must have inner noise on the brain (geddit!?)

  4. paul says:

    hi all. re hair do ive checked flikr and there seems to be evidence that mike is morphing into that famous horticulturalist and tv personality…………. you guessed!!!!

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