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String Bending + Jerry Donahue

Check this out…



I saw this on Channel 4’s Equinox programme when it came out. In particular, Jerry Donahue’s playing is extraordinary. It blew my mind then and it still blows my mind now. The playing is sooo funky and the bending is utterly beyond belief. Just incredible. Great ‘English’ commentary too – ‘if this looks easy, it’s not’ [I say! Really, old bean?].

Also this track, taken from the album ‘Telecasting’, was featured on Guitar Player Magazine’s flexi-disk insert (which I still have) in 198something and Jerry’s playing on that is even better than this. Unfortunately I don’t have an original copy of ‘Telecasting’. I got the re-mastered version but the sound is kind of smoothed-out and it doesn’t have the same bite and twang as this I think. Anyway, for bending strings Jerry Donahue is my favourite. Anyone else got any string-bending classics?

5 responses to “String Bending + Jerry Donahue”

  1. John Gregson says:

    Despite the fact that he only seems to play one lick throughout, I think Yngwie’s bending & vib on this are just insane
    And that Donahue vid is great, absolutely love his playing!

  2. John Gregson says:

    And then, of course, the peerless Amos Garrett:

  3. Mike Outram says:

    Hi John, Yep, Yngwie is a nutcase. Mangles the guitar with his vib. I love him, especially the first 3 albums. After that it’s all the same tho. Cracks me up in a Spinal Tap/Bad News kind of way. The high-kicks from Live in Leningrad etc., brilliant!

    Love that Amos Garrett clip, haven’t really heard any of his stuff. Will check out more. Thanks! :-)

  4. Chris Gron says:

    Here is a little vid for you to devour… Not really in any way related to the string-bending topic, but he does however have other mad chops… A bit of flamenco:
    (Check out the grimace on his face at the end…)

  5. Mike Outram says:

    Hi Chris,
    Yikes! That’s ferocious guitar playing. Top pouting at the end too. I’m getting my face melted today by too much incredible stuff that I’ve never heard, and know nothing about. Might start a new blog post related to this. Thanks!

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