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Cross The Line: Small Decisions

Recently I’ve made a few small decisions where I really didn’t know the outcome. I didn’t know if what I was doing was pointless, boring, good, worth something, whatever. But I just figured, sod it, I’ll do it. What was interesting to me was not looking for feedback in the expected places by asking ‘how did I do?’ or something. The interesting thing was how I felt afterward. It reminded me of feeling 8 years old and the smell of summer holidays; of walking to my friend’s house to go fishing.

Sometimes we carry little dilemmas around for far too long. Waiting for the right time to take action or procrastinating because we don’t know which way to go. Especially if you’re your own boss and no-one is around to give you a deadline, or tell you what to do. Remind yourself that you’re in charge. Do you need a badge? Ok, here’s your badge, put it on and make a decision. Find a line and cross it.

Feel better?