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December Newsletter

Hello all. A few things to tell you about…

Some new recordings in the pipeline.
A quartet album for Kevin Figes with the amazing Daisy Palmer on Drums and the fantastic Dan Moore on Fender Rhodes. The album is being mastered right now and there’s talk of a tour next year. Check the gigs page for more details as they come.

I recorded Chris Higginbottom’s new album too. It’s with Rob Mullarkey and Tom Cawley. We managed to get in a couple of sessions before Tom left for Peter Gabriel’s tour. Chris wrote all the music and it’s been utterly fantastic playing with these chaps. Album will be out next year sometime. Check out some rough mixes here: http://soundcloud.com/chrishigginbottom/sets/new-album-roughs/

Also, I’ve been playing in a new trio with Martin Speake and Jeff Williams on sax and drums. There’s no bass, so I’m enjoying reacting to that: sometimes being the bass, sometimes not. Anyway, it makes me play differently, so it’s good.

I have a few London gigs left this December. Here they are, but check on the gigs page for the addresses.

6th – Qtet @ Lord Rookwood with Rob Townsend, Geoff Gascoyne and Clive Fenner.

11th – Martin Speake and Jeff Williams, North London Tavern.

18th – Boaters with Simon Carter, Rob Mullarkey and drummer. The last time I did this gig with Ian Thomas on drums (which you can hear bit of here) I came home, put the TV on and there was Ian playing with Eric Clapton and Derek Trucks.  This gig is always a blast, so come down for an end of year pint or two! Here’s a free download of some bits from the last time we did Boaters. http://mikeoutrambootlegs.bandcamp.com/album/live-in-pubs

20th – Jocelyn Brown, The Arts Club, Dover Street.

Also, if you’re interested in having a guitar lesson, I have a few free times left for 2011. If you’d like to book a lesson, you can contact me here

Here they are:

05 – 6pm – 10pm (not 7-8)
07 – 8pm – 10pm
08 – 5pm – 10pm
09 – 3.30pm – 10pm
12 – 9pm – 10pm
13 – 7pm – 10pm
14 – 7.30pm – 10pm
15 – 6.30pm – 10pm
16 – 5pm – 10pm
17 – 5pm – 10pm (not 6-7)

Also, I host my free times now on Dropbox, so I can always update the times as they get booked. So if you want to know if/when I’m free then bookmark this link: www.mikeoutram.com/lesson

Also, I’m going to be doing more Jewel Box stuff soon. Check the website for when that starts happening.



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