Jazz Improvisation Technique Mushroom

Here are some of the weirdest search terms people have used to find my site. Why this is of interest, I don’t know. They just made me laugh so thought I’d post ’em up…

  • wasp cod piece
  • mike outram shredding
  • ted green sightreading
  • steve vai on obama
  • laura rossi giant
  • wet metronome time
  • does a minor key give everyone the blues
  • jazz improvisation technique mushroom
  • my baby’s bmi index
  • blackie lawless exploding codpiece live
  • clare teal solos transcribed
  • electric rubik’s cube
  • emily blossom from phantom of the opera
  • outram learning village
  • bass guitar from manchester called billy
  • improving process making a cup of tea
  • theo travis’ double talk – live pizza
  • the most powerful chords
  • exercises with what time is it?
  • techno dido’s lament
  • buttered crumpets pictures
  • suggested jogging 80’s playlist
  • videos on jogging properly
  • is my effects pedal broken
  • how to finish 12 bar blues
  • “marseillaise”+”hair shampoo”
  • electric levitation
  • resistance is futile electrical humor
  • flakes athletics cockney
  • bagpuss chords

Not sure I can help with any of that, but if there’s a place where one can hear a techno version of Dido’s Lament whilst ruminating on the construction of a wasp’s codpiece then I’m there. With bells on.

Can anyone throw some light on any of this? Does a minor key give everyone the blues? What is ‘Wet Metronome Time’? Has anyone transcribed a Clare Teal solo?

Come join me in my little learning-village…

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