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Bottles, Bottles, Bottles.

I’ve been saving bottles for a while now and yesterday I had a go at recording them. They’re pretty easy to tune. You just pour in water until you hit the right pitch. Here they are:


Below are some very small excerpts of the things I recorded.

The first track has a little bit of normal bottle shredding. In the second recording the audio is flipped backwards. In the last one I slowed it down a lot, changed the pitch and added some other gizmos in the machine.

My idea of an exceedingly good day would be to spend 48 hrs in a darkened room fiddling around with bottles, mics and laptop, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Bliss…

Anyhow, I’m going to get someone round who can do some serious rhythmic damage on them soon.

Then it’ll be on to recording cats thinking.

**Should have thought of this before, but I’m off to YouTube to find some interesting music with bottles and water. Here’s one that springs to mind. [no pun intended]