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More Maps

This is turning into a mini obsession. Anyhow, here’s a link to my upcoming gigs displayed on a Google Map. It extracts the live xml from the GigPress rss over on the gigs page. This one has a nice sidebar with all the gigs with info, but the map locations are parsed from the ‘City’ tag and not ‘Address’, so they don’t show the exact locations of the venues. You can click on the address link within the dialogue box and it’ll take you to another map that shows the exact location. Not enamoured with those enormous orange RSS map pointers either, but hey ho.

Wish I could speak to somebody who knows about this stuff, and have a proper map nerd-out.

Here’s the link. Map My Gigs

Other things to do:
Open the map above, then from within Safari in iOS, tap on the arrow beside the URL and click ‘Add to home screen’. That’ll make a web app on your phone/tablet. That’ll always be live, so to see any upcoming gigs I have, it’s just one click away.

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