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Jazz Workshops in Devon

So, I’ve been living in Devon for the past six months. It’s very nice to be beside the seaside, but there’s not much music happening. See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xcjPBjv-nE

So, to keep me sane I’m doing a series of workshops. It’s every day, unless I have a gig or am in London. It’s open to anyone. Just come along and we’ll play through the music. Express an interest and it’ll happen. Teignmouth be the place.

You can contact me here

£5 for an hour

Here’s what I’m doing: Listen

Monday – The Meters
– Fire On The Bayou
– People Say
– Just Kissed My Baby
– Chicken Strut
– Ride Your Pony
– Cissy Strut
– Cabbage Alley
– Hey Pocky A-Way
– Liver Splash
– Same Old Thing

Tuesday – Joe Henderson
– Black Narcissus
– Blue Bossa
– The Kicker
– Isotope
– Inner Urge
– Mode For Joe
– Recorda-Me
– Beatrice

Wednesday – Wes Montgomery
– Cariba
– Four on Six
– Fried Pies
– Full House
– Mr. Walker
– S.O.S
– The Trick Bag
– Unit 7
– West Coast Blues
– Doujie

Thursday – Charlie Parker
– Cheryl
– Milestones
– Little Willie Leaps
– Half Nelson
– Sippin’ At Bell’s
– Dexterity
– Dewey Square
– Crazeology
– Barbados
– Donna Lee
– Bongo Bop
– Embraceable You

Friday – John Scofield
– So You Say
– Kool
– Do Like Eddie
– Peculiar
– Groove Elation
– I’ll Take Les
– Keep Me In Mind
– Wabash III
– Triple Play

Saturday – Sonny Rollins
– Strode Rode
– St. Thomas
– Tenor Madness
– Oleo
– Valse Hot
– The Eternal Triangle
– Blue Seven
– No Moe

Sunday – Miles Davis
– So What
– All Blues
– Freddie Freedloader
– Milestones
– Summertime

5 responses to “Jazz Workshops in Devon”

  1. dave binding says:

    I am an experienced drummer playing bands in and around Somerset also play in a new 17 piece swing band who rehearses near Taunton Somerset i am interested in all kinds of music Jazz, R&R, Middle of the road and would like to hear how your workshop progresses All the best

  2. Billy Bottle says:

    Sounds great – so yeah…I’m interested…

  3. adrian says:

    Hey Mike – just noticed this…..

    Hope you are doing well – well done for the move!

    I’m up the coast near Axmouth – EX13 7TR – and so will hope to make it down to you one of these fine days…keep us posted – the daily workshop project looks great!

    Cheers for now m’dear


  4. Al Swainger says:

    You should have said – I’ve clearly been leaving you in peace far too much :-)

  5. Hi Mike

    Hope you’re doing well.

    I’m not quite sure what format you’re thinking of here, as in a number of one-offs or a regular thing. During the week is very tricky but not out of the question, as much as I’d love to make it during the week. A weekend school, Friday night through to Sunday would be a distinct possibility for me. Dunno if that would work for you or others, but figured it was worth mentioning. The North Wales Jazz Guitar workshop seems to make that format work pretty well and is well attended.


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