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Ah, social media, where would we be without it? Probably making something cool and being useful.

Having been an avid user of social media in the past, I now think it’s the work of Satan. How else do you explain this sort of thing: ‘Hi, I’m a dentist who has a band, CHECK OUT MY MYSPACE!’ ? – that’s an actual made up message I definitely received. And stuff like where you absentmindedly say to your imaginary friend, ‘Cor blimey! I like the look of that cheese’, and then Instagram says: ‘HEY! Here’s some cheese!!! And some more cheese because you like cheese #letsbecheesefriends’.

I can’t think of any other explanation.

But, Dear Reader, you are always in my thoughts, and what if maybe you’ve checked out the entire back catalogue of music and educational offerings, and font choices and everything here, and now you have that sad dejected look – ‘wait…surely – SURELY – there must be more…’ —— ‘If only I could find out what he likes to read, or what hobbies he has… *Sigh* If only there were some way to link up on my favourite place on the internet – Last.fm…’.

Well, put on your happy face, you, and cheer up, duck, because Lo! It’s all here. Come and join the non-stop party action on Pinboard and Flickr!


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