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1986/87 – Good Guitar Years

1986/87 - Good Guitar Years

I started playing the guitar in 1986; a pretty good era for guitars, I think. Anyhow, here’s a playlist of what I played then. I still LOVE all this music, and listening to it really sends me back to what it felt like to be completely fired up by all this stuff, jamming along with the albums at ludicrous volume.

Check out Brian May’s solo on Princes of the Universe, Eddie’s rhythm playing on everything from 1984, Knopfler’s beautiful playing on Romeo & Juliet, and the live version of Sultans, Malmsteen’s opening lick on the I am a Viking solo, and on and on and on. It is all inspiring stuff to me, and, by digging further, one step away from more mind-blowing stuff like Zappa, Hendrix, Clapton, Holdsworth, Beck, Zepellin, BB King, and then on it goes into a sea of musical discovery and connections with fellow musicians who each shared their musical sparks and on it goes again.

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