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Posting a few ideas of late. And there’s much more coming. But just thought I’d interrupt for a second with:

Any use? You want more?

What would work for you?

9 responses to “More?”

  1. jesse molins says:

    Really useful thanks Mike. Very generous too considering you could write a book and charge money for it. I would like some stuff about time, subdivision and speed!

  2. neil says:

    excellent stuff Mike, please keep it coming… This sudden flurry, after relative silence, has been great – I’ve been wondering what new challenge I’d find in my inbox each morning. cheers!

  3. David says:

    Yes, more! I love the “pages from a notebook” format – short, sweet, but challenging with it!

  4. Mark Lawrence says:

    Yes! A very inspiring mix, thanks for your generosity :) How about some ideas on ear-training?

  5. Jim Faulkner says:

    Great stuff Mike, more please!

    How about some phrasing exercises/ideas perhaps also using “odd” groupings, 5’s and 7’s etc?

  6. Mike Outram says:

    Subdivision stuff happening now. A few more on the way too. That what you meant?

  7. Mike Outram says:

    Glad to oblige.

  8. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks for the title :)

  9. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, all. Lots to think about…
    Jim – There’s a bunch of stuff on phrasing I could do.
    Mark – Will have a think on that one…

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