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Rip it up

Hey, hey, hey…

You may have realised I started a lessons kind of site. Have a look – electriccampfire.com

I’ve been thinking. And thinking. And thinking.

And I decided to move all the lessony/notebook stuff from here to that domain and keep this domain for me, my music and blogging more about making music. I’ll be doing that this week.

That’s because I want to make more music. And writing about it helps me do that. Expect that here.

Over there is where you’ll find all that guitar/improv whatever it was stuff. And I’ll be doing those posts EVERY SINGLE DAY when I say GO. Expect that, ooh, soon? No, how about March? You suggest a date and I’ll go with that.

As well as those notebook every day things, electriccampfire.com has a SPECIAL [shhhh] MEMBERS ONLY super secret section.

Don’t tell ANYONE about it.

It’s where I, and all the special people who subscribe, go BANANAS on topics. At the moment we’re working on developing a short practice routine. There are many videos, lots of words, LOTS of chat. And it’s growing. It’s outta control…

It’s this sort of vibe:

But with a small white guitarist from Cadishead.

Sound good?

Tell me if you want this.

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