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Two New Videos & Trio gig on the 30th Oct

Here are two videos of my band from a recent gig at the excellent Soundcellar in Poole. Andy Trim is playing the drums, and Ross Stanley is on organ. The first clip is of a tune that’ll be on my upcoming album. It’s called ‘Come On’. The second clip is ‘Softly as in a Morning Sunrise’, and it’s the Emily Remler arrangement.

Hope you like them. I really want to do more gigs with these chaps, so give me a shout if you fancy having us play for you :)

Our next gig is at the King’s Place on October the 30th. Looking forward to that :)


4 responses to “Two New Videos & Trio gig on the 30th Oct”

  1. Tony Heiberg says:

    Bravo! State-of-the -Art writing and playing.

  2. paul says:

    hi mike good to see you with martin speake on saturday, who did you say was on the gig at kings place on the 30th? will bring the recorder and some cds of your stuff and inner noise : – )

  3. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks for coming down, Paul. The gig is with Andy Trim on drums and Mark Rose on bass. Will put you on the list if there is one. M

  4. paul says:

    hi mike
    thanks awfully dude! looking forward to the gig on saturday. have got the inner noise at bedales written just have to find the trio way out west gig.
    i shall be sitting in the front row so i do hope you wont be too loud.
    : – )
    can you text me if there is a list? will email phone number.

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