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A Few Links To Music I’ve Played On

Here are a few places where you can hear some of the music I’ve played on. My own music is available to hear/buy here. If anyone knows of anywhere else that the albums that I’ve played on are available to hear, let me know and I’ll put a link here. A more complete list of the stuff I’ve recorded with additional info is here.

Spotify Links

Martin Speake – Charlie Parker

Talc – Licensed Premises Lifestyle

Rebecca Hollweg – Orange Roses

Gwyneth Herbert – Between Me And The Wardrobe

Clare Teal – Don’t Talk

Last.FM Links

Theo Travis – Double Talk

Paul Booth – It’s Happening

Rebecca Hollweg – June Babies

Dave O’Higgins – Fast Foot Shuffle

Dave O’Higgins – Big Shake Up

Jacqui Dankworth – As the Sun Shines Down on Me

Jacqui Dankworth – Detour Ahead