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Inspired by ‘1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die’.

Stuck for something to listen to? Try this.

I have a book by Tom Moon called ‘1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die‘ and it has been sitting on my shelf for a good while now, taunting me with it’s implied ‘1000 recordings you’ll never hear because you can’t be arsed to go to a record shop to buy them’. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make a Spotify playlist to go with the book for ages so here, nudged on by this chap, it is.

Here’s the playlist: Inspired by ‘1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die’.

Instead of making a playlist of 1000 albums, this is 1000 tracks from the 1000 albums, so you can click through to check out the full album if you want. I guess the usefulness of this is just to have some directed listening that’s full of stuff I wouldn’t normally hear; to open my mind a bit; force me into hearing something new.