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Check this out

Haven’t blogged in ages but I will post an update very soon about some great things that have been happening recently but in the meantime, here’s a fantastic new album to check out from two fine friends.

In their words…

Brotherly are soul-mates Anna Stubbs and Robin Mullarkey, creating soulful beats with finesse, deep cinematic textures with edgy intensity, stirring vocals with purposeful intent, and puréeing them from their north-london flat, to a palatable paste.

Rob, by the way, plays bass on most of my album and he’s ridiculously amazing on it; he’s a proper freak of a genius at anything he does. But not at WordTwist though. I annihilate him at that :)

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Go check their new album out. It’s utterly brilliant. Really brilliant. As brilliant as a white cat drinking milk in the snow in the centre of the sun.

Here’s where you can hear it.

Here’s where you can find out more about them.

Oh, and they’ve got a gig in London at Cargo this Sunday. http://www.cargo-london.com/event/brotherly

6 responses to “Check this out”

  1. Mark Leedham says:

    Brotherly sounds excellent. But when is your album coming out Mike? We’ve been waiting too long!

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Working on it :) Slight problem of no money at all and new baby de-railing plans for world-domination. It’s all here though. 10 tracks of stuffs. Might post betas of some of the things. Maybe.
    But anyway, I’m working on it right now, you’ll be glad to know :)

  3. paul says:

    hi mike hope you are well – do you want rebeccas gig recorded mike?
    if you put a blonde on the cover of your cd its bound to sell hundreds :)
    ever thought of busking mike!
    see you soon
    ps asaf tells me you have a gig in bournemouth with inner noise – cant wait

  4. paul says:

    on second thoughts mike if you hire trinny and susannah and work out on some weights…….:):)
    hope you and family are well

  5. Mike Outram says:

    Best ask Rebecca :) See you at Bournmouth, fella.

  6. paul says:

    will do mike :)

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