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Brick Wall – Revealing The Inner Fossil

Ran into a wall with an idea a while ago. Not literally, although I might have more luck with it that way. Anyhow, this is forcing me to come up with ways to kick-start den kreativen prozess.

Things I’ve tried so far –

In Stephen King’s book, ‘On Writing’, he talks about the idea/work/whatever as being a fossil, and your job is to reveal it. I like the idea that somewhere out there my track is already complete and exists, and all I’ve got to do is uncover it and record it. It makes me think about the whole of the piece instead of the detail. And that’s no bad thing. We’ll see if it helps though.

In the meantime, check out this scale: G A Bb C# D Eb F# G. It’s like a harmonic minor with a #4. Lydian Harmonic Minor. I’m sure someone out there will know all about it. If you are that person, please enlighten me.