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Day 5. Dealing with major distractions

Sorry, no time for blog post – Wimbledon has started.

This is one of my favourite times of year. Two weeks of incredible tennis, huzzah! No idea how last year’s final could possibly be topped, but I’m hoping for a Murray/Federer 5 set nail-biter with Murray eventually scraping through. Blake’s out – bit of a surprise there. Robson out too – she’s going to be great in a few years though.

So now, how does one deal with all this super-available, streaming-on-demand, coming-at-you-every-which-way, glut of the greatest game?

By making bigger distractions, of course.

Today’s distraction was recording Tony Woods making splendid noises on alto clarinet and soprano saxophone. Forgot to video or photograph any of it; but, take my word for it, it’s much, much better than Kenny G.

So, you’ve got this far – well done! As compensation I’ll again offer this humble doodle but with a few of my favourite chords added. [just realised it looks like I’ve written ‘sing the D -‘, that’s a dash not a minor symbol. Try singing though, it will cure your asthma].

Why not embrace the joys of the internet and use this as an opportunity to post your favourite chord[s] in the comments section below…


One response to “Day 5. Dealing with major distractions”

  1. Matt Stevens says:

    I couldn’t care less about the tennis but i love the chords.

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