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Day 3. Ummmmnnnnnnnn, er, er, twiddle, Tea!

So, the drum recording was good. Today, however, I’m being my own worst enemy and faffing around. I resolve to do something today and report back. In the meantime here is a nice doodle I made, and a solo I recorded for Seb Cornellisen a while back.


3 responses to “Day 3. Ummmmnnnnnnnn, er, er, twiddle, Tea!”

  1. Milt says:

    Damn you, that’s some stupidly good guitar playing. Bastard. (In a nice way, but..bastard)

    Did you take the mike plunge?

  2. Mike Outram says:

    :-) Checking out sE4400s at the mo. They seem ok, 414-esque, bit cheaper. Tried em?

  3. Milt says:

    Not tried – but heard good quality/good value murmurs on the SE front. I’m sure they’re fine.

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