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Charlie Parker Omnibook as a Spotify Playlist

charlie-parkerI’ve just made a Spotify Playlist of the transcriptions in the Charlie Parker Omnibook and thought I’d share it here. Hopefully, they’ll appear in the order they are in the book. Feel free to link to it, pass it on, or whatever. There’s only one track missing: the alternate take of Kim. [update: got that one now] Also, this version of Anthropology skips a few bars at the beginning of the solo – some digital meltdown, perhaps. Anyhow, it makes for a great practice/listening session.

Ko Ko is my favourite piece that’s transcribed in the book – face-melting in every way. Outside of Omni-world, my favourite Parker tracks are Embraceable You which has a stunning solo; The Washington Concerts featuring Parker winging it over a big band with no rehearsal – incredible, smart, intuitive playing and a great Red Rodney interview; and, The Savoy Sessions featuring Parker playing tenor alongside Miles.


Here are the tunes in the book. Click here for the playlist

Ah-Leu-Cha, Another Hairdo, Anthropology [some skips in the version], Au Privave [No.1 & 2], Back Home Blues, Ballade, Barbados, Billie’s Bounce, The Bird, Bird Gets The Worm, Bloomdido, Blue Bird, Blues (fast), Blues For Alice, Buzzy, Card Board, Celerity, Chasing The Bird, Cheryl, Chi Chi, Confirmation, Constellation, Cosmic Rays, Dewey Square, Diverse, Donna Lee, K.C. Blues, Kim [No. 1], Kim [No. 2], Klaun Stance, Ko Ko, Laird Baird, Leap Frog, Marmaduke, Merry-Go-Round, Mohawk [No. 1 & 2], Moose The Mooche, My Little Suede Shoes, Now’s The Time [No. 1 & 2], Ornithology, An Oscar For Treadwell, Parker’s Mood, Passport, Perhaps, Red Cross, Relaxing With Lee, Scrapple From The Apple, Segment, Shawnuff, She Rote [No. 1 & 2], Si Si, Steeplechase, Thriving From A Riff, Visa, Warming Up A Riff, Yardbird Suite.

Also, check out these fantastic articles written by Steve Coleman on Charlie Parker.

6 responses to “Charlie Parker Omnibook as a Spotify Playlist”

  1. Dave Tompkins says:

    Great use of Spotify Mike. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Mike Outram says:

    No probs, Dave. Pass it on :)

  3. Kevin says:


    Thanks Mike, the CP Omnibook (oddly a bass clef version) has been a constant if under utilised companion for many years. I often wished how lovely it would be to have all those referenced versions.

    I’m listening whilst writing this.



  4. Mike Outram says:

    Glad it’s of use, Kevin :)

  5. Mikey D says:

    Yes! Save’s me digging out the mp3 cd of these.

    Thanks, I’m sharing it around.

  6. pablo says:


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