Day I’ve No Idea and the Parasite Museum

So yesterday I woke at 4am, got up and had a nice early morning stroll round Tokyo.

After that we went to the Parasite Museum; the world’s only, I’m led to believe. This pic below is all that’s left of an 8 foot tapeworm – now homeless. The splendid museum was full of many other extraordinary parasitic curiosities, and I’d recommend visiting if you’re ever in Tokyo and are at a loose end for something to do for free before lunch.

Next we went to the Electric Town. The most interesting bit was a market stall full of old valves. The rest of Electric Town was rather like tripping whilst being in Dixon’s.

Sampled some really excellent Japanese veggie food afterwards courtesy of our excellent host Yoshi. Thanks, Yoshi :)


Today I woke at 2pm. It’s Golden Week holiday here and I’ve timed it exactly right to run completely out of money when all the banks are shut. I write this like it will help but when you put a card into any ATM here the sound of laughter appears to be coming from somewhere deep within the machine. So I’m giving up on that one as a lost cause. I imagine the tapeworm and suddenly I’m less hungry :)

So today consisted of wandering round and exploring more and I read Philippe Petit’s ‘To Reach The Clouds’ which was really, really good.

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