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New Live Vault: Inner Noise Live at the Vortex

Here’s a set that I’d previously uploaded to Soundcloud but it’ll have a better home on Bandcamp. I’m going to use Soundcloud for shorter things.

It features Asaf Sirkis’s group Inner Noise recorded, again, by Paul Pirongs. Me on guitar, Asaf Sirkis on drums and all the compositions are his, and Steve Lodder on church [k]organ. Every now and then we get to do a gig in an actual church, with a real church organ. Lots of fun.

Not sure when it was. [Paul??] And it was from the Vortex jazz club in Dalston – another amazing place to go to see live music. As usual, all the music in the Live Vault is free to download.


8 responses to “New Live Vault: Inner Noise Live at the Vortex”

  1. Steve Lawson says:

    fabulous. Your playing reminds me a LOT of The Great Kat. Are you familiar with her work?


  2. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, Steve Lawson. I am indeed familiar with her oeuvre. However, I find her a little too subtle for my tastes. She must be into jazz or something. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JxKbdu7L_8

  3. Very nice Mike! Lovely tone and atmosphere. Some meaningful shredding too. Brilliant.

  4. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, Dominic! I’m really hoping you didn’t mean The Great Kat :)

    Think there’s tons more live stuff lurking from the Inner Noise band. Will have to get on the case to get it all up on Bandcamp…

  5. paul says:

    dude. The date for the vortex inner noise gig is tuesday 22 may 1877…… err, sorry, that should be 2007! – its just that inner noise gigs are so rare that it just SEEMS that long ago!!
    Heard a kora duo track on radio three yesterday – Toumani Diabate and Sissoko – it was called Bilamban or something – reminded me of Holdsworth!!??!!
    check it out man.
    hope you and family well
    see you soon
    ps I note the american style date listing on the gig list – Its most confusing to us Brits to have to translate dates! :-( :-)

  6. Mike Outram says:

    Will find it, ta. The John Fahey is excellent. Thanks for that too. Didn’t realise about the date thing, that’s weird.
    Cheers, M

  7. paul says:

    Hi Mike.
    Glad you like the John Fahey – sometimes I think ‘this is too minimal!’ but, well, I keep on going back for more!
    If I dont see you before see you at the next inner noise gig.
    P S My c d writing software is playing me up so forgive me if the rest of the bath gig is a little slow in getting to you!
    Keep well

  8. Mike Outram says:

    If you’ve got all the audio on a machine then we could just do a transfer via a USB key or something before a gig. But if you have to move the audio from somewhere then maybe your way is best. Either way, thanks a billion for recording it and no worries to get it whenever :) No rush! M

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