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Discovering – old and new.

Just been deleting a few old e-mails and I came across this broadcast I did wth Asaf Sirkis’s trio in Nov 2007. It’s a link to a Real Player clip. Anyone know if RealPlayer is embedable or grabable so I could stick it on YouTube?

The line up is

Asaf Sirkis: Drums

Steve Lodder: Church [K]Organ :)

Mike Outram: Guitar

Click here for the link

There must be more forgotten stuff lurking on my hard drive that’s not easily findable in cyberspace so as and when I find things I’ll post them up.

There are some exciting new things coming soon too. Lots of goodness! I’ve been meaning to blog about the recording I made with Steve Lawson that’s great and was [and is] very inspiring for me. So much so that when I tried to write about it I ended up with 5000 words of WOW! So, I’m still processing it, letting all the good things soak in. More about that when I calm down a bit :)

In the meantime, check out some raw recordings of it. This stuff is un-mixed and un-edited, just the raw recording as it went down. We’re mixing next week so should be moving forward, getting on with it, finishing it, releasing it, dominating the world, etc. Soon.

2nd un-mixed track from the forthcoming steve lawson/mike outram album by solobasssteve

Here’s the first one. [We’re putting out a new un-mix when each track reaches 500 plays. Have a listen…]

Rough Mix of 1st Track from forthcoming Steve Lawson/Mike Outram album by solobasssteve

7 responses to “Discovering – old and new.”

  1. Hey Mike, VLC does streaming & capturing, although I’ve found the quality / ease of use can be a bit variable… but it’s free!

    Messy stage :) Amazing music!

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Mark, I have VLC, but yep, it’s super complicated. Can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do/which file path works and so on. The file path I have is this
    Is it like Audio Hijack where the stream is just recorded live by VLC?

  3. paul says:

    hi mike hope gig tonight goes ok and mon and tues (sconnie rots? your trio?) see you weds and i will record if ok. the bbc inner noise worth having for the hat! love the steve lawson stuff and when are you getting your ‘new cd’ in the shops? hope you and family ok
    ps lost your email address

  4. Love the second track Mike. Reminds me of the stuff from Dominic Miller’s first solo album

  5. paul says:

    hi mike. thanks for the thanks on your tweet it was me (im so vain i probly think this tweet…) wasnt it? will deliver recording when computer is sorted. love the new group – keep on working at the formula though……
    looking forward to the next gig
    all the best

  6. Mike Outram says:

    Yes, of course you! Thanks for coming down and recording it, Paul. I really appreciate the support :) It was a good first gig and am looking forward to developing it more and getting a few gigs with it too.

    The recording is going ok. Think I might post some demo versions to move it along a bit.

    Cheers! M

  7. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, Ryan :) Had the pleasure of chatting a bit with Dominic when I played at Ronnie’s recently. He was showing me some Bach stuff and reminding me of the virtues of playing slowly. Wicked player. Really like his first album too.

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