I have taken up Glockenspiel. My instructor is Robert Millet, he is a percussion genius. I have 5 simple goals – (we all need to dream)

1, I want to read the music without looking at the notes (not the notes on the page, that would be foolish) When I attempt this task it sounds like Schoenberg in a doorbell factory.

2, I want to hit it well, however there seems to be no good method for Glock. Perhaps when I get good, and after the purchase of my helicopter from the proceeds of my Glockenspiel school, I’ll record the world’s first Glockenspiel instructional DVD.

3, I want to play this

4, Ruth Underwood. She’s eye-wateringly good and will be persuaded to come out of retirement to record a Glockenspiel/Marimba duet album called ‘Rock Around The Glock’

5, I want a mug with a glockenspiel on it (Update – I have now, with the help of the utterly fantastic Ellis Hynd, achieved this goal. I have the mug. Life is good.)

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  1. Jules says:

    Hi Mike,

    That’s a great Frank Zappa link, really enjoyed it!

    I play with a really good marimba player, we’re a Zimbabwean band called Harare… The guitar lines based on mbira lines are great too!

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