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Japan tour, video vault and world domination

Ah, blog, why can’t you write yourself?

So anyhow, the Japan tour was great. Fantastic music and fun tour, good people, places, stuff, y’know. Will post some more about it in the future in a sort of reflective-type manner. Ah, good! That’s that problem dealt with.

Now, onwards…

I am so totally, like, like, truly getting my misson together it’s untrue. Truly. Lately I’ve been wrestling, again, with the interminable faffing, procrastination and bibbling habit. But after re-reading Getting Things Done for the 14th time I think I’m starting to breathe easy. I’m getting better at doing. So that’s why I haven’t blogged anything lately :)

First, I’m going to start sending out monthly mailing-outs to my mailing list. This’ll cover upcoming gigs, stuff from the blog, what I’m making, and anything else that’s relevant to that month. So if you’d like to know any of that then please subscribe to the mailing list which you can do by entering your e-mail in the box at the top left of the page.

Spam will not be an issue as I think I’ve sent out 6 mail-outs in my life thus far. But you might want to ready yourself for the one-a-month deluge. Maybe subscribe to Seth Godin’s mailing list; he makes me seem like Marcel Marceau on a dark night.

I did start collating the addresses for the list but as I was doing it I fell asleep at the computer in a sleep-deprived-teething-infant-stupor and deleted all 800 addresses. And, you guessed it, there was no back-up. So I’ll probably just do the first mail-out to everyone I know and make it head-slappingly simple to unsubscribe. A good idea?

Second, well there isn’t really a second; I’m just making this up as I type. So all I can offer right now is this little place where I house most (I think) of the YouTube videos featuring me. Currently, there are 36 videos. [dons leg-warmers; starts singing theme from Fame (or this)]

Here’s the link to see it in a list format.

Bye for now.

One response to “Japan tour, video vault and world domination”

  1. Hey Mike here’s another video – the big band in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTPGL3ovz50

    That’s some classic Outram mayhem at around the 7mins 25secs mark!

    cheers fella

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