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The past two weeks have involved heroic levels of faffing. My internet connection failed, my computer has failed, e-mail had an epic fail, phone fail, car fail, and so on. All without resolution. So, I say, you have a choice: ignore all of these things and get on with what you need to do; or, spend days starting at preferences, calling helplines, reading manuals, spending money. Hmmmnn?

At the moment, if I don’t have a rehearsal or a gig, I have about 3 hours a day to do something. So these 3 hours are becoming precious. How best to use them? How to make effective use of the time?

I guess it comes down to what’s important right now?

Have you got any killer tips on how you focus, how you make your time count?

I just installed this new theme on the site called Thesis. Reason being is it’s a little bit easier to customise so I save myself figuring out how to change the code to make the site look the way I want. That said, it doesn’t look the way I want yet but I’ll fiddle with it over the next month or so.

So ‘get better tools’ is the tip of the day for me.

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  1. paul says:

    you clearly have an email problem as you havnt answered mine yet mike! :) .hope you get your things fixed mike. have you heard ‘elephants ears’ that famous opera aria? well, mike, i always wondered why someone would call their cow ‘Tram’? enjoy tomorrows gig and i hope to see you soon

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