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New Trio and February wafflings

I’ve been playing in a trio with Martin Speake and Jeff Williams for a while now. It’s a real challenge playing without bass. Sometimes I hear it and play to it; other times I hear it and play the bass stuff I’m hearing when there’s a gap; sometimes I like there being no bass. Whichever way, it gives mental nudges. It’s such a huge influence on the sound, the bass.

Well, there y’go.

Other news: Had a gig with Gareth Lockrane’s big band at Southport Jazz Festival. First time we’ve been allowed out of London. Fun it was, albeit with a bit more mental turmoil than usual, as Nigel Hitchcock was on the gig. It’s a bit daunting playing with someone who’s got a photographic memory and perfect pitch. It basically means he’ll remember everything you just played, so I find myself playing with added moment-by-moment self-commentary – ‘ah, that was rubbish, but it’s ok, I don’t think anyone noticed. Oh, wait…’.

Anyway, I managed to just accept that I suck eggs and just enjoy the fact that I’m able to play in this band and listen to everyone else. My word, they’re all utterly incredible. So I had a great time listening to EVERYONE in the band. Not often you play in a big band where literally everybody is ridiculously good.

The day after I did a guitar workshop. I must get better at this. The challenge, for me, is to find something that a group of guitarists of varying ability, likes, dislikes and so on, can play, understand, use. I waffled on as usual. I might post the things we covered so if you came to the workshop, you’ll be able to re-cap. Let me know if you came, as I forgot to get everyone’s e-mail. One chap mentioned meeting up with the other guitarists again, and I thought that was a splendid idea. The formation of the Southport Jazz Guitar Group should happen immediately!

Next in London on 9th Feb, so if anyone wants to do a lesson, e-mail me :)

Here are the videos of the trio gig the other week. There are seven videos, scroll through to see them all. The first one is shot on a phone and features some excellent camera work, the remaining six are a bit more steady.

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  1. Mital Martin says:

    You need a bassplayer!!

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