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Teaching in January 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you’re rested from a suitably debauched holiday and are now ready to pick up the axe and get down to business :) With that in mind, here are my free teaching times for Jan 2012. These are probably the only times I’ll be free in January in London.

If you’d like to book a lesson, you can contact me here

Lessons are in Ealing, London.

Also, I can come anywhere in the UK if we can arrange for a number of lessons to happen. If you know five or more people who would be interested in a lesson in your area, then get in touch :)


02 – anytime
03 – anytime
04 – anytime
11 – 6.30pm til 11pm
12 – 8am til 11am, 4.30pm til 11pm
19 – 8am til 11am, 4.30pm til 11pm

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