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New Webmeister

Great news!

After months of wrangling with my website, editing CSS, poring over XHTML, digital image manipulation, search engine optimisation, plug-in conflicts, and the like. I now have a new Webmaster!

He goes by the name of Bill. But, being modern, he prefers to be known as ‘Webmeister Bill’. Since his kind offer to take over the running of the site he’s really ‘pushed the envelope’ and taken it to a whole new level. AND he says this is just the beginning. Exciting times! He’s really into Web 2.0; although, he would agree with Tim Berners-Lee that the term “Web 2.0” is a piece of jargon, and an example of Techno-utopianist rhetoric, even.

That said, he’s persuaded me to let him introduce himself so you can get to know him. He’s welcoming comments about the latest additions, his design aesthetic and implementation of the latest technology.

Over to you Webmeister Bill…

Bill recommended I link my ‘Playlist’ (over there on the left) to Spotify; thus enabling you, with the click of a link and some interweb magic, to hear the music right now.

Splendid work.