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Bit of advice for you.

  1. Don’t make very hot soup.
  2. Don’t put that soup into a liquidiser, and, because you are in a hurry, think, ‘I won’t bother washing the lid… I’ll just use a plate as a lid.
  3. Do not align your eyes with the seal of the top of the liquidiser and the plate to check that it won’t, sort of, y’know, spurt out all over your face.
  4. Really, don’t do that.

Things to be grateful for:

  1. Water.
  2. Having a nice clean face from spending 30 minutes under water.
  3. A nice wife who has good ideas like, ‘you might want to go to A&E’.
  4. Pretty good soup.
  5. Being reminded that there’s no rush.
  6. Being reminded that I am an exceptional idiot.
  7. The NHS, and having the nurse take about 1 minute to say, ‘you’re fine’, and not spending 3 days thinking my face will fall off.
  8. The word ‘soup’.
  9. The moment of stoic comprehension versus uncontrollable laughter in the eyes of the A&E receptionist after saying, ’I just burned my face with soup from a liquidiser’.
  10. Going home.

2 responses to “Soup”

  1. Ben Duff says:

    What a story!
    I once superglued a plastic dragonfly to my hand. It hung from a string from the ceiling and had lights inside which changed from red to blue to green. It was my girlfriend’s (now my wife). I knocked it and broke one of the wings off. I decided to try to fix it. Somehow I ended up with superglue all over my hands and the dragonfly stuck tight. I had to get the bus to the hospital with this thing on my hand. It was my right hand too so I had to do everything like get my change out of my pocket with my left hand. It was much more difficult than my right hand so I caused a proper scene and had everyone on the bus staring at me.
    Got to the hospital. At some point a big man in a blue gown took my hand and pointed. “Whats that over there?” Before I knew it he’d ripped the dragon fly off, leaving my gluey skin in tact.

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Haha! That’ll teach you.

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