Talc Tour: Day whatever and Steve Lawson/Me duo update thing

Here we are day 3 or is it 4? Anyhow, Jim and Nichol have ventured off into darkest Southern Japan to do some horn section/duo/I don’t know what and we’re left here to entertain ourselves until their return. Yesterday we went up a really tall building with panoramic views of Tokyo. It’s quite something. Somehow, in a scarily natural way, we got talking about darts. What else would you talk about really? So we found an electronic darts pit – it’s so modern here. We played, I won, it was a ripping victory. Flickr pics when I next hi-jack someone’s wi-fi :)

Other news just in – The duo stuff that Steve Lawson and I have been working on is nearing completion, and in the meantime Steve has been getting all modern himself with this ‘tweet for a track’ thingy. In his words as I’ve got to go visit the parasite museum in Tokyo…

We’ve been releasing a new preview track each time the play-count on the previous one reaches 500. The last two are on Soundcloud, and are both past that benchmark, so we’ve made another available.


It’s not on Soundcloud. It’s available for free in exchange for a Tweet.

Head to http://stevelawson.net/tft/ to get it.

The tweet for track code is written and made available by the amazing people at CashMusic.org – they’re doing more to undo the damage inflicted by 50 years of the Record Industry on music-as-culture than anyone. One big of clever geekery at a time. Wonderful people.

So there it is, click on the link here to go and get it, for a tweet. (If you’re not on Twitter, there’s a clever workaround, but you REALLY should be on Twitter. Srsly. Not being there is basically like being a homeless on the internetz.)

Comments on Talc Tour: Day whatever and Steve Lawson/Me duo update thing

  1. paul says:

    hi mike have a good tour. get a video of you jogging should be a hoot. do you know how to help your body adjust to a new time zone by altering your diet?
    keep well

    1. Mike Outram says:

      Thanks, Paul. A video of me jogging would indeed be a hoot. I wouldn’t want to inflict that upon anyone :) M

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