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New Live Vault: Inner Noise – Live at Chapel Arts Centre 07/03/09

Here’s another live recording of The Inner Noise band by Paul Pirongs from The Chapel Arts Centre in Bath on the 7th March, 2009. I think there’s probably another set as this seems pretty short for a whole gig, so maybe that’ll appear sometime…

Update: Found the lost set and uploaded. There are five extra tunes. I remember really enjoying the Hymn on this gig because the room was a really cavernous, which always makes the music different.

In case you don’t know what the Live Vault is all about: It’s a home for live gigs of original music involving me that have been recorded. So far there are four albums and they’re all free to download. If, by any chance, you have a recording of one of my gigs then feel free to send it in and I’ll see if I can use some of it here.

There’s much more coming soon too. If you sign up to the mailing list I’ll let you know when there are new Live Vault recordings to check out.

This one features Asaf’s band the Inner Noise:

Asaf Sirkis: Drums and Compositions
Mike Outram: Guitar
Steve Lodder: Church [K]Organ

2 responses to “New Live Vault: Inner Noise – Live at Chapel Arts Centre 07/03/09”

  1. paul says:

    well done mike – i wondered if you were going to put this out: ……… at last! There must be more – do you want the rest?

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Yep, let’s put it all up :) How much have you got?

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