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The Jewel Box: Vol.1 – 29 downloadable guitar lessons

The Jewel Box Vol.1 is a downloadable collection of 29 guitar lessons, complete with audio, notation, tab and an explanation and analysis of the ideas presented, along with suggestions for developing the ideas in your own way.

Click the ‘download’ link on the music player. All the notation/tab etc., is included in the download.

The lessons range from simple to complex, so for an example of what’s included, here are two of the 29 PDFs included in the download: a simple one [listen] featuring some laid-back, funky comping, and a more complex one [listen] featuring a syncopated, chromatic fusiony solo. And, if you want, all the audio can be previewed in the player below.

You can also hit the ‘Share’ button on the player to embed it on Facebook, MySpace or just about anywhere, or email it to a friend. It really helps to spread the word!

Mike Outram

Table of Contents:

  1. 4 Ways To Target Chord IV
  2. 4 Ways To Approach The Turnaround
  3. How To Solo Using Triplet Groupings
  4. Jazz Fusion Solo & Miscellaneous Bending Techniques
  5. Jimi’s Chords, Wes’s Octaves, Metheny’s Phrasing And The Tri-Tone Substitution
  6. 4 Burning Lydian Dominant Licks
  7. Unlocking The Super Locrian
  8. Mixing Major And Minor Pentatonics Ala BB King And Rhythmic Scale Exercises
  9. Making The Changes: Using Triads 1
  10. Making The Changes: Using Triads 2
  11. Making The Changes: Using Triads 3
  12. Making The Changes: Using Triads 4
  13. Making The Changes: Using Triads 5
  14. Making The Changes: Using Triads 6
  15. How To Use Octaves And Chords In The Style Of Wes Montgomery
  16. Double-Time Soloing In The Style Of Wes Montgomery
  17. Simple Funky Comping Using 3rds & 7ths
  18. Funky Soloing In The Style Of Grant Green
  19. Four-To-The-Bar Comping Using Inversions And Passing Chords
  20. Spacious And Simple Comping On A Laid-Back Funky Minor Blues
  21. Phrasing Expansion: Inflections And Articulation
  22. A Documentary About Cuddly Pets And Their Owners
  23. Suspended Harmony – Focusing On The 4th
  24. 4ths, Consecutive 4ths, Damnation And Pain
  25. Contrasting Simple And Extended Minor Harmony
  26. A Rhythm Gtr Part Using Sextuplets In 12/8 Phrased In Groups Of Five
  27. Anticipation, Chromaticism, MelodicUppyDownyism, Syncopation And Sleepless Nights
  28. Fingerstyle Constant Bass With Improvised Upper Part [exercises]
  29. Fingerstyle Constant Bass With Improvised Upper Part [solo example]

18 responses to “The Jewel Box: Vol.1 – 29 downloadable guitar lessons”

  1. David Harvey says:

    Lovely, Mike. I’ll be busy this weekend…

  2. Mike Outram says:

    Cheers, David!

  3. Andy says:


  4. Chris Bestwick says:

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for making these available, and at such a generous price :)
    I’ve had an initial look, and I think I’m going to be busy for a while!

    Cheers, Chris

  5. Darren Lewis says:

    Wow, thanks very much mike! alot of good info here!! i shall be busy learning and perfecting, for a good while, cheers. have London Horns recorded their album yet? looking forward to buying it, loving and learning from it.


  6. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks all for good feedback. Please pass it along to anyone you think might be interested too :)
    Darren, London Horns did record the album so it should be out this year, I guess. In the meantime I should be getting all the live LH stuff to put into the Live Vault. Will let you know when that’s done. Should be this month.

  7. Alexis says:

    Thank you Mike it’s a great thing to share your knowledge like that.

  8. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, Alexis :) Glad you like. Nice site you have there BTW.

  9. Alex Watson says:

    Thanks for this treasure chest! Also…”A Documentary About Cuddly Pets And Their Owners” haha.

  10. Mike Outram says:

    Cheers. It so is though, eh!

  11. Dan Byrne-McCullough says:

    Hi Mike,

    Am really looking forward to getting stuck into this! Myself and a friend have been looking at it and loving the examples too – It really is full of gems. Looking forward to hearing your album also,


  12. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, Dan. Glad it’s of use :) Can’t remember if you’re on my mailing list or not, as I sent out a message saying if you’d like to hear unfinished beta versions then send me a message and I’ll send you a link to hear it. That’s a super-long-winded way of saying I’ll send you a link to hear some stuff :)

  13. Dan Byrne-McCullough says:

    I am on the list yeah, and would love to hear any of the tracks! Unfortunately I won’t have anything to send in return but the prospect of an album sale :P

    *enc* 1 prospect.

  14. Pete Sklaroff says:

    Some really terrific stuff here Mike!..many, many thanks for this..

    Plenty stuff to work on…for years!…and all great quality too!

    Thanks again!

    Pete (Sklaroff)

  15. Mike Outram says:

    Thanks, Pete! Glad you like. Feel free to pass it on :)

  16. John Watson says:

    Thank you Mike, this gives me heaps to work on for some time to come! I admire your playing and your generosity in sharing.

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